I have diabetes

what if...

I travel to the

international space station?

Find answers instantly with Suggin.

The ideal companion to anticipate your diabetes.


Suggin is an application that predicts your glucose levels so that you never stop doing anything because of diabetes. In real time, connected to your activity sensors and taking into account your lifestyle and your diet to make your life easier. And it's totally free!


Analyze your lifestyle

Creating a totally personalized profile based on your diabetes, your diet, your physical activity... and even your schedule, your preferences and the color of your underwear! (Not the latter, but if it had an influence it would be also analyzed)

Predict your glucose levels

Using all the data to forecast your levels in the next two hours and thus help you keep them stable while still doing what you want to do

Connects with your sensors

And it automatically collects information from the devices you already have: your smartphone, your fitband, your watch...

Record data in seconds

Enter your blood glucose level, the insulin you take, your meals or the physical exercise you do (not the one you say you do, that is not valid). All in a simple and easy-to-use app that is designed so you don't waste time

Listens to you and answers your questions

Talk to the app whenever you want and it will listen to you with a smile. Naturally through chat or voice messages: ask Suggin for your values, ask for a summary or for a prediction.

It teaches you to improve your lifestyle

Offering you personalized plans adapted to your needs: habits, physical exercise, food... even specific recipes for you taking into account the foods you like the most or the time you spend cooking! You no longer have excuses...

How does Suggin work?

Sign up and create your profile

Adding all the data related to your diabetes, your lifestyle, your diet and your exercise routine.

The more information you add, the more accurate and complete Suggin's recommendations will be.

Don't be shy, share all your secrets, it will be worth it ;).

Suggin currently works with Google Fit and Nightscout.

Very soon we will expand the connectivity with other accounts and devices.

Analyze your lifestyle globally

Using our own glucose predictive algorithm (which is CE marked as a class I medical device), which takes into account aaaaaaall areas of your life.

Analyze how your body and glucose works and how it reacts to insulin.

Also consider your lifestyle: when and what you eat, what exercise you do, your mood, if you spend time cooking ...

It can help you improve your life.

Make sure that your diabetes does not stop you from doing anything and that you feel better every day.

Suggin is part of Medicsen, where a group of professionals in health, engineering, programming... work to improve the quality of life of people with chronic diseases through technology.

Our most relevant project, the one that gives meaning to our work and makes us proud every day, is the Medicsen Smartpatch, a wearable and needle-free drug delivery device. We use the data we extract from Suggin for its development, since it is fundamental to evolve the glucose prediction algorithm that controls its operation.

And of course we don't use that data for anything else.



CEO & Founder

de Mercado

COO & Founder

José Carlos

CTO & Founder


Head of Data


Head of Business Development


Head of Biology

San Juan

Head of Lifestyle


Senior Software Developer


It would be great to talk and providing you more information about this project.

We are excited to know you!





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